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You Are The Medicine is a powerful story following my solo travels through Peru and Nicaragua, where I took the strongest psychedelic in the world, faced my greatest fears, and learned to find the medicine within. 
Book coming in 2023

My name is Kendall Fuhrman and I am the author of You Are The Medicine. I wrote this book because throughout my life, I have looked outside of myself for fulfillment and happiness. Whether it was looking to religion for saving, to my education to feel whole, my career to feel successful, or psychedelics to find the answers, I always projected my power to external sources. Even now, I can find myself scrolling on TikTok for hours in bed avoiding my emotions, obsessively reading my astrology chart to figure out "why the fuck am I the way that am I?," and constantly criticizing myself for not being as far along in my journey as I would like to be. I think we can all fall into these comparative, self deprecating, never feeling good enough states, and that is why I am so passionate about sharing my story of learning to find my inner guidance and power.

Last year, I followed my intuition and traveled to Peru by myself on a solo spiritual journey where I had some of the most life changing experiences and learned some of the greatest spiritual insights of my life so far. From connecting with my highest self during ecstatic dances, becoming one with the universe during an ayahuasca ceremony, to living in a circus and reconnecting to my authentic self, my life as a solo traveler felt like a movie. Until I came home and I fell into a deep pit of depression and anxiety and had to learn how to deal with what comes after a spiritual high.

This is not a self help book where I tell you what to do to achieve happiness and fulfillment. My intention is to share my story’s darkest moments, most beautiful revelations, and what spiritual tools have worked for me with the hope of helping you on your spiritual journey. You can follow my journey of spiritual growth, self acceptance and finding my medicine within in my new book, You are the Medicine.

UPDATE: I got diagnosed with Endometriosis and had to have surgery which has prevented me from being able to finish my book. Although this is the last thing I wanted to do, I have put the editing process on hold until I feel better. Thank you for understanding <3. 

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