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Meditation is the first step to Manifesting your desires. Meditation allows you to clear your mind so you can have the clarity and ability to manifest your goals. That is why I partnered with Unplug Meditation to give you 25% OFF their Meditation App! Use code KENDALL25 and get your zen on now! First 7 Days are free.

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Retrain your brain, reduce anxiety, release fears, increase clarity, and boost creativity all with Breathwork. Breathwork is a powerful tool that allows you to connect with your body and open your mind to new possibilities.


I've partnered with Marcel Hof to give you 70% off his incredible breathwork course. Click below and use code Kendall70 to get 70% off the Marcel Hof Method Breathwork Course!


Learn how to manifest your dream life with Kendall's 3 Day Manifestation Guide! In this guide, Kendall takes you through her easy yet effective 3 step process to manifestation. This is a beginners guide to manifestation and the law of attraction 

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