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The Famous Bali Swing Airbnb

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

At the beginning of quarantine I posted a few TikToks of this stunning Airbnb in Bali and they went VIRAL... I mean viral viral.

I first posted a video of me on a sketchy swing in the Airbnb's "backyard" and the video got over 4 million views! Then the second video I posted of the swinging and net bed popped off with over 22 MILLION views! HOLY SH*T! Well since then I've been getting thousands of questions about the Airbnb, where it's located, how much it cost etc.. So in this blog post I will quickly explain everything!

(Click the photos to see the TikToks)

"Where is this stunning Airbnb?"

This Airbnb is located in a town called Ubud in Bali, Indonesia. I moved to Bali with my boyfriend at the beginning of 2020 with the intention of living there for the whole year (thanks to covid I'm back in my hometown fml). Anyways, Ubud is a super cute hippie yoga town in the center of Bali. I drove 2 hours on my scooter from where we were living near the beach in Canggu to stay at this Airbnb with a group of girls I had never met before. Yup I stayed with strangers in an Airbnb and it's not the first time I've done that (watch my Traveling with Strangers video on YouTube!).

"How can I book this Airbnb and how much was it?"

This Airbnb can be hard to find. They have no social media whatsoever and it's not easy to find on a simple Airbnb search so I included the links below!

The Airbnb is called Zen Hideaway and they have 3 different villas. We stayed at Zen Hideaway #3 and they also have Zen Hideaway #1 and Zen Hideaway #2. When we booked Villa #3 it costed around $200 a night, but the price depends on the time of year and how many people you are staying with. It's definitely expensive compared to other Airbnb's in Bali but for sure worth it! Get $50 off Airbnb by clicking here!

"Where do you sleep?"

I got that question a lot and don't worry you don't actually have to sleep on the net lol. While you for sure can sleep on the net if you want to, but warning it's not comfortable AT ALL. The villa comes with 3 real beds: 1 swinging bed, and 2 queen sized beds with their own rooms. However, this villa does not have any walls and only curtains to protect you for the outside. So warning you will sweat and you will get mosquito bites. The main beds have mosquito nets but the swinging bed does not so if you're allergic to mosquitos like me then definitely fight for a real bed.

The Famous Swing!

Contrary to popular belief, this swing is not available to the public. I got a ton of comments of people saying they've been there that there's a ton of people in line and that there's a hidden harness on me but nope. This swing is completley private with the Airbnb and it has no harness and no one there to help you.

When we first saw the swing we were a bit hesitant to try it out, but me being the dare devil I am volunteered to go first and risked my life for the TikTok. The first few times on the swing were scary I'm not going to lie. I actually almost fell off my first time on it! You can watch the TikTok video where I almost fell off that got 10 Million views. While it definitely was risky to try the swing, it wasn't as scary as it looked I promise :).

What not to forget:

  • Book in advance

  • Bring your mosquito spray

  • Be careful on the swing

  • Bring games to play at night

  • Don't forget your camera!

Lastly, if you want $50 credit towards your next Airbnb booking click this link!

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