Personal Manifesto Sticker Pack

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Design III: Create a personal manifesto for what good design is.

I chose to create a personal sticker pack that represents my three passions in life:

Women's Empowerment, Mindfulness, and Travel. 



In order to be a good designer (or more simply to become the best you, you can be) you must:

Stand up for what you believe in

Use your talent and platform to make positive change

Be mindful and be present

Unplug and get back to reality

Travel often to meet new people and get inspired

Keep an open mind and be tolerant of others' ideas 



A Sticker Pack with simple, engaging and fun stickers with strategically chosen keywords and terminology that promote a GirlBoss Lifestyle of Women's Empowerment, Mindfulness and Travel! 

Intended Audience:  

Young and empowered women who love life 

Future Product Expansion - GirlBoss Lifestyle Products: 

Journals, Coffee Mugs, Pillows, iPhone Cases, Water Bottles, Yoga Mats

Grade Recieved: A