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Kendall's World Podcast!

Welcome to Kendall’s World! Learn and grow with me, 25-year-old Influencer/Entrepreneur Kendall Fuhrman, as I delve deep into my favorite topics: travel, spirituality and mindset! Hear insane travel stories from my adventures across the globe. Gain exclusive insight into my travel tips and tricks for budget-friendly and sustainable solo travel. Get motivated with me through empowering mindset tips! Expand your perspective and step into your highest self as I explore the realms of different spiritual topics. Enter Kendall’s World today and lets create our dream realities, together!

Image by Jake Weirick

You Are The Medicine

Last year I traveled solo to South America on a spiritual quest to find my purpose and connect with my highest self. I followed my intuition and set off on a magical journey to Peru and Nicaragua where I learned some of my greatest spiritual insight so far that changed the course of my life forever. In this book I share my personal stories and the powerful spiritual insights that changed my life and I believe could change yours too.

Book release date is put on hold while I recover from Endometriosis. Sign up for my Book Club below to get be the first to get updates on my book :)