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Kendall's World Podcast!

Welcome to Kendall’s World! Learn and grow with me, 25-year-old Influencer/Entrepreneur Kendall Fuhrman, as I delve deep into my favorite topics: travel, spirituality and mindset! Hear insane travel stories from my adventures across the globe. Gain exclusive insight into my travel tips and tricks for budget-friendly and sustainable solo travel. Get motivated with me through empowering mindset tips! Expand your perspective and step into your highest self as I explore the realms of different spiritual topics. Enter Kendall’s World today and lets create our dream realities, together!

Image by Jake Weirick

You Are The Medicine

Last year I traveled solo to South America on a spiritual quest to find my purpose and connect with my highest self. I followed my intuition and set off on a magical journey to Peru and Nicaragua where I learned some of my greatest spiritual insight so far that changed the course of my life forever. In this book I share my personal stories and the powerful spiritual insights that changed my life and I believe could change yours too.

Pre-sales for my book ended last month. Sign up for my Book Club below to get be the first to get updates on my book :)



Hi I'm Kendall Fuhrman! I'm an entrepreneur, podcast host, artist, author and content creator passionate about all things spirituality!


I made traveling my career in October 2018 when I quit my job and started my viral content and marketing agency, Fuhrman Ventures LLC. Now I am passionate about sharing my spiritual knowledge with the world through my podcast, Kendall's World and inspiring others to live a more fulfilling life with my new book coming out this year! 

Think of me as your spiritual big sis, always here to help answer any questions you have about life, spirituality, and anything in between :).